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Ugly Kids Club

Ugly Kids Club is the duet of Steve Wilson (producer/  songwriter / guitarist) and Aliegh Shields (vocalist / lyricist / guitarist), based in Nashville in the USA, who despite the instruments highlighted are a synth rock out-fit.

Ugly Kids Club

Ugly Kids Club

Muted tones wing their way across the room as the electronics charge the room with flashing sparks and then a heartening vocal arrives. Ugly Kids Club is a band I have listened to a few times and as I mentioned a little while back, don’t hit discard immediately on not engaging as time may change the perception. I still have angsts over the Pop pretensions, however the overall package rises above those concerns.

Sweeping guitar is riven with synthetic overload as the percussion ravels the hips in to a trance of movement as the sparking voice engages the brain. These are smart musicians who teeter on the edge of pap pop and intriguing material and for sure from time to time it drops over the edge, but they pull it back smartly as the sounds are more genuine than the plastic edges and well worth time taking time to get to know.

For me, not an instant connection, but time has riven a rivulet in which the material flows to make some sense. I would posit their earlier material is far stronger, so let’s hope they had back to this rooted space in time.


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