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Dizzo is the vehicle for Dizzo Manizo from Richardson in the USA to bring out his take on Ugandan Dancehall Reggae. Infectious beats bounce across the room and the listener is immediately caught up in the sonic waves that seep into the brain and before you know it – you too are swaying in time […]


XOVA is Wayne, Stuart, James, Skins, Boot and Mikey a fusion reggae band from Birmingham in England. Bringing together a mix of music from around the world with a strong reggae / ska spine running through much of the material, XOVA (pronounced cross over – well there is often the odd jar in this world of SMS […]

Dub Addiction

Dub Addiction from Phnom Pehn in Cambodia is a ragga dub collective comprising Sebastian Adnot (Bass), Benoit Carre (Guitar), Toma Willen (Drums), Kaë Lhassàn (Keys), MC Curly (Vocals) and Professor Kinski (Vocals / FX) Pulling together sounds from the Carribean in the ’70s and ’80s and adding hip-hop to the mix Dub Addiction bring a new flavour to the sounds emerging […]


The members of Kultuattenat - Samy D, I Buchi, Laureen, Mirinita, Thomas, Tinitus, Collie Herb, Holger, Pascal, Josephine and Bruno from Lagenthal in Switzerland deliver a twist to Dance-hall Ska. Slipping out of the speakers is delight to my ears. Ska beats swarm across the room and the sheer numbers of players gives Kultuattenat so much width, it is […]


Sylva-Maria is a hip-hop reggae singer from Chicago in the USA. Although predominately working on her own, Sylva-Maria does work on ad-hoc projects with a regular team, the Knights of the Mic. Not a genre that often takes my fancy, but I was immediately drawn to the warmth of the vocal and the music is mellowed with the reggae […]


Alific is the vehicle for the creator Brendan Dane from Washington DC in the USA to bring dance hall reggae to a wider audience. I just needed a refresher today and up popped an email that hit the spot. Dub reggae has all the bass notes I require to make life make sense and Alfic […]

The Drop

The Drop a roots reggae band from London in England comprise Dandelion (Daniel Collier) (Vocals), Ryan Stanford (Keys),  Leon King (Guitar), Chaz  Blinstrub (Bass), Ed West (Drums), Jason Ballard (Percussion) ,  Jo Henwood (Saxophone) and Jonny Murray (Trumpet) How can the world live without reggae? Can it live without The Drop? An interesting twist on the genre is offered by the band […]