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Sylva-Maria is a hip-hop reggae singer from Chicago in the USA. Although predominately working on her own, Sylva-Maria does work on ad-hoc projects with a regular team, the Knights of the Mic.

Sylva Maria

Sylva Maria

Not a genre that often takes my fancy, but I was immediately drawn to the warmth of the vocal and the music is mellowed with the reggae influences, to make for what is a welcoming and encouraging space. The cross-over works neatly and creates a sound which pulls the listener in to an engagement rather than edged with hostility. Adding to the soup is a touch of R&B and we find ourself in a space that has much to offer and it is all stirred up delivering a mellifluent out-pouring.

The juxtaposition of the lyrics with the honey sweet delivery is a bonus creating a more malevolent mood than would be expected from the compositions. It has taken a while to get round to getting hand to keyboard, but I am pleased to have finally had the opportunity to jot some thoughts on Sylva-Maria who is a creator with an interesting addition to the world of music.


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