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Curry Quiche

Curry Quiche is a quintet from Rotherham in England consisting of Steve Fidler (Vocals / Guitar), Shaun Sowray (Vocals / Keyboard), Jonny Haynes (Bass), Adam Flannagan (Guitar) and Brian Waller (Drums) who effervesce with alternative indie-pop. It is getting late in the day and I really need to get on to the key-board, but I think I will take another spin around […]

The Dirty Panties

I am delighted to introduce the rough and ready rough-cut rock band Dirty Panties the four piece Barbara, Moe, Melanie and Animal based in Las Vegas in the USA. Punk Rock was a social, political and musical movement of its time. 30 odd years on labelling a band as Punk is as demeaning of the new bands […]


ScenicLife is a London, England,  based rock trio comprised of Lawrence Bray (Vocals / guitar), Daniel Dodson (Drums) and Alex Bryant (Bass) which started life as a four piece. A distinct reflective of ’90s Britpop wanders out of the speakers, fortunately there is more than a rework of The Rain, a band I hold with as much disdain as U2 […]

R. Stevie Moore

R. Stevie Moore from Nashville in the USA is an essential exponent of lo-fi and the DIY ethic, with over 400 LPs behind him and a legacy dating back the the late ’60s. Unsurprisingly I won’t even go near the back-catalogue as R. Stevie Moore continues to release more and more, seemingly each week. Having […]

Jay Shepard

Jay Shepard ably demonstrates a point, a journey-man session musician who captured his own imagination and now from his base in New York has the space to project his love ballad rock and roll. I raise my hat to Jay Shepard who saw a wider space in which he could explore his own material. Already […]

David Arn

David Arn is a singer-songwriter from Virginia Beach in the USA. Over the past couple of years David Arn has honed his direction as a solo artist, utilising where necessary additional players. Sometimes it is just useful to slow down the pace and David does this. But slower and quieter doesn’t mean life is any […]

Hoboken Division

Hobken Division is the garage rock duo of Mathieu Cazanave (Guitars / organ / harmonica / Kick / vocals) and Marie Rieffly (Vocals / organ /  drums) from Nice in France. Emerging from the Mississippi Delta Blues lies an engaging duo, who know how to turn a musical instrument or two between themselves and write a score. This is a duo with considerable […]

The Wake Up Suzzys

The Wake up Suzzys from Tel Aviv in Israel, is a four piece - Zohar Ginzburg (guitar / vocals), Dan Carpman (bass / vocals), Ran Jacobovitz (drums / vocals) and Yotam Schlezinger (guitar / vocals) – rock band and the quartet have just released their debut eponymously named six track EP. There is little doubt where the influences of […]

Jason Ware

It only seemed right to place Jason Ware in a sort of thread of Americana publications and here we find the Chicago, USA, based folk rock singer songwriter. Life looks good with a slide guitar, when you are playing it and more than that, it sounds awesome to the audience if handled correctly and you […]

This Vision – The Golden Age We Lost – LP review

Back in February 2011 the indie bands blog took a look at This Vision and the duo haven’t been idle since then, as last month – May 2012 they released their ten track LP The Golden Age We Lost. Opening with Ashes the listener is immediately drawn to the distinctive sound that is This Vision and you just want […]

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