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This Vision – The Golden Age We Lost – LP review

Back in February 2011 the indie bands blog took a look at This Vision and the duo haven’t been idle since then, as last month – May 2012 they released their ten track LP The Golden Age We Lost.

This Vision - The Golden Age We Lost - LP Cover

This Vision – The Golden Age We Lost – LP Cover

Opening with Ashes the listener is immediately drawn to the distinctive sound that is This Vision and you just want the album to last for ever as the intoxicating synth pop takes a melancholic twist.

We Were Much Too Young pulls together the sentiments of the album as the vocal reflects on opportunities chased too fast and chances missed as a result, to the incredibly powerful use of synth pipe-organ laden stanzas.

The Boy With A Heart Of Glass a track of the highest order.  The music is incredibly delivered and the vocal sung so delicately. I have one minor criticism – the opening line is a double negative. That may sound finicky but this is such a strong track that it does, in this case, matter.

Following on the ears are tickled by 20th Century, an up-tempo construct which musically, though not lyrically, lightens the reflective nature of  the concept of the album. This Vision have stamped a deep mark in the world of music on these four tracks alone.

A delightful I Drömland sandwiches the album, a brief interlude of reverbed synth.

The Second half of the album opens with Heaven Can Wait. A piano accompanying the distinctive emotionally dripping vocal and the listener is wrapped with a sense that there is a purpose and a future to fight for. Whilst the music shivers winds around the ears, the mood feels that we are on a path of hope heading out of the dankness of reflecting on the past.

Dance With Me and suddenly the sombre mood is cast aside as This Vision takes the listener on a journey of enlightenment. It may be a battle, but there is a future.

The Golden Age shines like a bright summers day and the whole story-line urges the listener to shake their head and face the future with fortitude. I particularly enjoy LPs which take a journey as this does and more than that, the duo, weave an incredibly proficient theatrical performance. This is an album you should add to the collection as it wends a superlative musical score with lyrical storyline.

Sadly we are on the penultimate track  The Darkest Hour, which casts a gloom over the track, purely by knowing there is only one more to go. You know how sometimes you are watching a film and know it is going to end shortly and you just wish it carried on for longer, so my ears sit now.

In The Shadows Of Love concludes a magnificent emotional roller-coaster of an album and the listener is left on bended knee pleading the next album won’t be so long in arriving. Thank you This Vision for such a delightful musical and vocal journey.

The Golden Age We Lost is available on The Golden Age We Lost - This Vision*

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