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Jetson Manic

Jetson Manic is the four piece rock band of Matt (Vocals / Guitar), Dug (Bass / Vocals), Byrney (Drums) and Spo (Lead Guitar) from Sydney in Australia. About a year old now Jetson Manic is continuing the thread of rock based bands from Australia I seem to be mining at the moment, each with something distinct to say. The material […]

High Side Driver

High Side Driver is the Melbourne, Australia, rock band of Rob Pearson (Lead Vocals), Matt Camp (Guitars / Samples), Lewis Healy (Bass guitar / Backing Vocals), Darren Timms (Lead guitar / Backing Vocals) and Rod Whitfield (Drums). High Side Driver is one of those bands I had to come back to a second time around, because on first play, they […]

Otis Heat

Otis Heat is a three-piece rock group from Portland in the USA –  comprising of Sean O’Neill (vocals / bass), Mike Warner (guitar) and Buddy Weeks (drums). After a break for a few months to get his head down on University and life Robbie is back with some thoughts to add to the Indie Bands […]

Achromatic Attic

Achromatic Attic is a rock band from Zagreb in the Rebublic of Croatia with the line-up of Dino Seferovi, Domagoj Puškari, Mislav Marti and Matej Lagura. An intriguing blend of influences emerge from the speakers – on the one hand heavily US influenced vocal, on the other classic British Rock and Achromatic Attic do a good job of mixing it together […]


Kenelis is an rock band based in Brighton (England). Centred around Mel Sanson (Vocals /Guitar /Keys) who plays in session with Kai Smith / Jack Rowan (Guitar), Tristian Hall (Bass) and Matt Caello / Ryan Hot (Drums). The ears need to be prepared for a thorough workout as the music comes tumbling through the room in a flash-mob of drum and […]


Medic is a rock band from Denver in the USA. The four piece line-up of Aaron Wagner, Dominick Wagner, Miller Harveaux and Drew Barnard got together in early 2011 have a far more developed sound than may be expected. Sitting in what is a crowded genre and a genre which it is difficult to raise even the vaguest pique […]

Sidewinder live at The Bell in Sawtry

Well fortunately it was a local gig I wandered down to last night as it was chucking it down, to see Sidewinder. As you will tell from the poster Heavy Metal – Cover Band – have I lost the plot? Well no, there are times when this space makes sense and although Eddie – the […]

Jay Shepard

Jay Shepard ably demonstrates a point, a journey-man session musician who captured his own imagination and now from his base in New York has the space to project his love ballad rock and roll. I raise my hat to Jay Shepard who saw a wider space in which he could explore his own material. Already […]

The Wake Up Suzzys

The Wake up Suzzys from Tel Aviv in Israel, is a four piece - Zohar Ginzburg (guitar / vocals), Dan Carpman (bass / vocals), Ran Jacobovitz (drums / vocals) and Yotam Schlezinger (guitar / vocals) – rock band and the quartet have just released their debut eponymously named six track EP. There is little doubt where the influences of […]


Sondura is a rock band from London in England. Formed in 2008, the quartet of  Tom Watson (Vocals / Guitar), Jack Watson (Guitar / Vocals), Stevie D (Bass) and Freddie Green (Drums) have gone from strength to strength with a new single You Remain set to drop from their forthcoming LP. If this were mere bluster and fluster, […]

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