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Jason Ware

It only seemed right to place Jason Ware in a sort of thread of Americana publications and here we find the Chicago, USA, based folk rock singer songwriter.

Jason Ware

Jason Ware

Life looks good with a slide guitar, when you are playing it and more than that, it sounds awesome to the audience if handled correctly and you know what Jason is just the man to take the ears on a ride of slide folk. Whilst pursuing concentric circles initially –  we suddenly find ourselves spewn out in to new and exciting spaces, sometimes this is what the head needs to hear –  akin to the whirling storm that took Dorothy Gale in the L.Frank Baum novel of May 1900, so we find our ears on a ride of fantasy. Brian Wilke is the pedal steel player.

I am dancing over the keyboard as I type with abandon and who knows where we will next head, such is the joy of slide played with competence, but you just know that it will keep you dancing. Life looks good in the hands of Jason Ware and you know what, this feel good. This isn’t just another reflective, rather heading a shining light out of the morass in which we currently exist.


Oh and Gale and Baum – became better known as The Wizard of Oz.

Love Sorrow and Cigarettes is available on Love Sorrow & Cigarettes - EP - Jason Ware*

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