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David Arn

David Arn is a singer-songwriter from Virginia Beach in the USA.

David Arn

David Arn

Over the past couple of years David Arn has honed his direction as a solo artist, utilising where necessary additional players. Sometimes it is just useful to slow down the pace and David does this. But slower and quieter doesn’t mean life is any easier. David Arn challenges the listener with a complex lyrical concept which shines a spotlight on the conundrums of life. The muted musical setting adds power to the clearly delivered lyrical content, which is where he wishes the fulcrum to lay. However were that the only purpose he would have set this to written word. The carefully crafted lyric is set inside a well composed frame-work which feature instruments such as: Piano; Hammond organ;  Bass; Larrivee acoustic guitar and Lap steel.

The selection of accompanying sounds enhance the already intricate nature of the material which we can, like listening to Leonard Cohen, enjoy for the music or quiz the brain as it reflects on the conundrums of life in the second decade of the 21st Century.



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