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The Wake Up Suzzys

The Wake up Suzzys from Tel Aviv in Israel, is a four piece - Zohar Ginzburg (guitar / vocals), Dan Carpman (bass / vocals), Ran Jacobovitz (drums / vocals) and Yotam Schlezinger (guitar / vocals) – rock band and the quartet have just released their debut eponymously named six track EP.

The Wake Up Suzzys

The Wake Up Suzzys

There is little doubt where the influences of The Wake UP Suzzys derivates as the exposed guitar and wide open delivery clearly demonstrates , Americana Rock, add in a twist of Old American films you will know the sound immediately. That isn’t to say that the band sounds like something from the past. Far from it, they capably adapt their enjoyment to relevant currency and if you thought that all those vocalists would sound like a chorus, that isn’t true either as the voices are given time to run out with the songs.

There is a sense of contagious fun that engages the listener and the clichés employed far from being irritating  become part of the attraction of the sound. The Wake Up Suzzys is not trying to create a new space and why should they? What the quartet is able to do is to freshen the sound to make something that lies well in the ears in the 21st Century.


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