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Jay Shepard

Jay Shepard ably demonstrates a point, a journey-man session musician who captured his own imagination and now from his base in New York has the space to project his love ballad rock and roll.

Jay Shepard

Jay Shepard

I raise my hat to Jay Shepard who saw a wider space in which he could explore his own material. Already a proven musician on the session circuit, he decided to throw out a spear, which says – This is me. Who is he?

An entrancing balladeer who rends the chord constructs of rock and roll with romance and love songs. This material won’t ever sit on my playlist, but that isn’t the fault of the music, it is the issue with my ears. However the sheer cojones (no acute and no a) is a delight as the shining light is given space to explore.

Intricacy of instrumentation is given a wide ride-out for the ears to enjoy, whilst the ears are entranced by a delicate lyric. The material plays engaging layers of composition which wrap the context in a sharp barb of deflection to the depth of cotton laying beneath and that I can appreciate.

Unfortunately Jay is a little caught up in the machine and I can only share a teaser video.


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