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Curry Quiche

Curry Quiche is a quintet from Rotherham in England consisting of Steve Fidler (Vocals / Guitar), Shaun Sowray (Vocals / Keyboard), Jonny Haynes (Bass), Adam Flannagan (Guitar) and Brian Waller (Drums) who effervesce with alternative indie-pop.

Curry Quiche

Curry Quiche

It is getting late in the day and I really need to get on to the key-board, but I think I will take another spin around the room with Curry Quiche. The conundrum in the band name, alerts the ears to a dichotomy and the music doesn’t disappoint. The acerbity of wit, serious cooking of content and over-all gaiety are all wrapped up inside the music. The band takes the listener on a fun filled tour, as a raw contextualisation is wrapped within a significant depth of compositional skills, leaving the listener enthralled and smiling from ear to ear.

Drawing heavily on Ska, the band retain a centric core of early ’80s roots rock, as with a smiling face and a jaunty cock of the head, which draws the listener in to a sense of fun, there is is a sharp and directed reflection peering out of the material, of a world at odds.

This I like and thank you Curry Quiche for updating the world of acerbic dance.


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