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ScenicLife is a London, England,  based rock trio comprised of Lawrence Bray (Vocals / guitar), Daniel Dodson (Drums) and Alex Bryant (Bass) which started life as a four piece.

Scenic Life


A distinct reflective of ’90s Britpop wanders out of the speakers, fortunately there is more than a rework of The Rain, a band I hold with as much disdain as U2 and The Beatles, as readers of the site well know. I am particularly engrossed by the superb song compositions and when the vocal threads away from a rework of the Gallaghers, we find a great and current sounding band.

The power of the trio lies within the constructs of the music which takes the ears on a wandering tour of introspection, they just need to gain a little more confidence in their own abilities as there is a slight element of pastiche that clouds the ears, but – there is some superb delivery and ability that sits within the band which rings around the room.

This is straightforward heartfelt music that exposes the emotional contexts, whilst misting it in a heavier rock rumble, which is why Britpop remains an enticing and engaging space resonating with the listener as it explores the conflicts of letting it all hang-out whilst ensuring there is a barricade to protect.

This is life with all its confusion and the one thing that ScenicLife need to do is drop the barrier of protection from a not very interesting band with good PR from 20 years ago and  let themselves fly high in the sky.


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