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Latka is an indie rock band from Winnipeg in Canada with the line-up of Milos Mitrovic (Bass / Vocal), Andrew Clark (Drums), Cole Vincent (Guitar /vocals) and Eric Ross (Violin / Vocals). With the addition of a violin Latka is able to throw out a whole new direction to indie rock as they combine a pop centred core to […]

Wooly Mammoth

Wooly Mammoth is an indie band from Ontario in Canada comprising Jessiah Devine and Paul Vroom. I can only really say that it is the earthy realism of Wooly Mammoth that I enjoy. They are one of those bands I had to take on a second listening to get to grips with and the reason I took […]

A Primitive Evolution

A Primitive Evolution is the alternative rock trio of Brett Carruthers (Vocals / Guitar), Stu Dead (Drums) and Stephany Seki (Bass / Vocals) from Toronto in Canada. Rolling peels of bass rattle through the speakers as A Primitive Evolution play the darker side of rock. There is in earthy tinge to the music which is delivered with precision. The […]

Fun Fact

Fun Fact is the Rock ‘n’ Roll trio of Justin D’Croix (vocal / Guitar), Alex Tirolese (Saxophone /Bass) and Kelly Currie (Drums) from London in Canada. Well how could I ignore more than a touch of rock-a-billy as the day took a decidedly better turn when I hit play.  For an orchestra Fun Fact have a huge musical […]


DOLLS is the solo performer Nikki Awesome originally from Toronto in Canada where she was signed with Warner, but who has now taken her own independent direction to strip away the shiny popsicle shell and deliver  alternative electrosynth from a launch pad in London England. On hitting play a rumbling beat thumps its way across […]

The Dirty Nil

The Dirty Nil is the distorted rock trio of Luke Bentham (Guitar and Vocals), Kyle Fisher (Drums) and Dave Nardi (Bass) from Dundas in Canada. Loud and proud of it – The Dirty Nil make no pretence of being anything other than a band that enjoys the distortions of recording levels and play-back levels that bend the sounds to a rattle of […]

Wool On Wolves

Wool On Wolves is an Indie Rock Band, in the most definitive sense, from Alberta in Canada. Since 2008 Tom Reikie, Gordon Brasnett, Brody Irvine, Kevin George and Eric Leydon a collaborative group of songwriters have sought to define their own space. The sounds are full of confident spaces as Wool on Wolves determine their own path of travel and […]

Unwed Mothers

Unwed Mothers is an alternative rock band based in Edmonton – Canada. Originally formed as a project by Julie Adams (vocalist / guitar /keys) the line-up now also includes: Michael James ( lead guitar); Kurtis Schultz (drums) and; Josh Eygenraam on bass. Having released Skeletons a single in late 2012, the band is set for their […]


Cupla is an alternative rock band from Vancouver in Canada. Originally a duo of twins – hence the name – now comprises Bob McAloney (Guitar), Andrew Venning (Guitar), Tricia McAloney (Vocal), Bill McAloney (Drums) and Brando Donovan (Bass). Traces of folk are subsumed in the bluesy rock the band delivers. A highly engaging vocal sits as the frontispiece to an infectious mellowness […]


Redanda is an alternative indie rock band from Hamilton in Canada. Back in 2011 Chris Druiven (guitar), Curtis Hunter (drums), Connor Wright ( bass) and Corey Wright (guitar / vocal) released their debut EP Carl which was followed in September 2012 by the four track Christian, with an LP in sight. I think these guys have a thing about names beginning […]

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