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Redanda is an alternative indie rock band from Hamilton in Canada. Back in 2011 Chris Druiven (guitar), Curtis Hunter (drums), Connor Wright ( bass) and Corey Wright (guitar / vocal) released their debut EP Carl which was followed in September 2012 by the four track Christian, with an LP in sight.



I think these guys have a thing about names beginning with C, so I must get to the bottom of the band name. Instead of the loose term – alternative indie, to try to hone these guys down a little further think CBGBs Blues. Swirling whirlpools of guitars are laid over drum and bass driven tracks with a sneering and snorting vocal topping.

The music trips on to the room taking the listener by surprise as the visceral vocal sweeps up the cuddly edges of the instrumentation, snapping the ears in to a vice of sound that engages at every level as – the cortex finds something to chew on, the hips find some thing to sway to and the feet find something to slide with. Teetering on the brink or wrapping this up too neatly, Redanda is able to steer away from the wrong side of the tracks with some judicious use of snares to shatter the sheen.

Some intricate guitar steps are handled with comfort and the band is able to shift tempos, avoiding jolting the ears from their listening path, as they equally shimmer in and out of blues rhythms and chords.

Musically there is much to listen to in the out-put, equally there is plenty to enjoy as a full-volume reflective on the social angsts rumbling away beneath the surface.


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