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The Dirty Nil

The Dirty Nil is the distorted rock trio of Luke Bentham (Guitar and Vocals), Kyle Fisher (Drums) and Dave Nardi (Bass) from Dundas in Canada.

The Dirty Nil

The Dirty Nil

Loud and proud of it – The Dirty Nil make no pretence of being anything other than a band that enjoys the distortions of recording levels and play-back levels that bend the sounds to a rattle of shattering explosions, but underneath the feedback and distortion lies some distinctive musical ability.

The music sounds as though is a direct response to the harsh coldness that besets the region in Winter, as the music sends glowing lights of fire into the room warming up the space like a treble of harsh Whisky downed in a gulp.The whole effect is one of a crowd- chant slightly out of kilter, but equally as embracing and welcoming of like-minded spirits.

Listening to bands who are evidently enjoying their craft can lift the spirits and so The Dirty Nil Achieve. There is little I should enjoy here as the genre and straightforward compositions are not ground breaking, but I can’t help but find myself warming to the out-put as a weaves around the room like a drunk setting home from the bar at the end of a very long session tripping over the first bush along the way. But it those very staggering steps which either repels or creates a sense of camaraderie and maybe I have been that drunk heading home to often – but I like this for no reason other than – I do.

So it is a pleasure to introduce the trio to the website and suggest taking a few minutes out of your day to take a listen to rock at is barest and hope the guys continue to reel around the world of music with the same addictive enthusiasm.


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