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Latka is an indie rock band from Winnipeg in Canada with the line-up of Milos Mitrovic (Bass / Vocal), Andrew Clark (Drums), Cole Vincent (Guitar /vocals) and Eric Ross (Violin / Vocals).

Latka - image courtesy of jsentphotography

Latka – image courtesy of jsentphotography

With the addition of a violin Latka is able to throw out a whole new direction to indie rock as they combine a pop centred core to some creative indie rock music. With the multitude of voices available and the different texture of the instruments the quartet are able to cover much ground with a sound that at once resonates of american indie-pop but with hints of a deeper texture.

While the notes do not seek to break new ground it is with the addition of the alternative instrument that the band is able to produce something that has much new to offer. They are not even afraid to open up more orchestral instruments as a piano makes an entrance on occasion. It is quite an intoxicating mix Latka is able to bring to the table as the display proficiency in a variety of areas and rather than trying to be too clever, they keep it all relatively straightforward and I look forward to finding out how these guys develop over the coming year.


My Bright Heart – LATKA is available on iTunes*

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