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Wool On Wolves

Wool On Wolves is an Indie Rock Band, in the most definitive sense, from Alberta in Canada. Since 2008 Tom ReikieGordon BrasnettBrody IrvineKevin George and Eric Leydon a collaborative group of songwriters have sought to define their own space.

Wool On Wolves

Wool On Wolves

The sounds are full of confident spaces as Wool on Wolves determine their own path of travel and we find ourselves in a collective soundscape of equally angry songwriters.

Here I  propose we have found the edges of insurrection in the music industry. An industry of which so many decry under the label of ‘indie’ but in reality are seeking a haven inside the umbrella, Wool On Wolves seem to take the approbation to a genuine heartfelt space.

They have a definitive assuredness that reminds me of the days of long ago when I first took to the stage after just a four hour first ever band practice, because we as a band had the confidence so to do, as much of the movement did back in the late ’70s. In tune with 2013 the quintet have a more refined sound to proffer to a more subservient audience, who do as the media instructs. I am reminded of Tom Robinson Band, not musically but prosaically, demanding more of their audience than many are prepared to give.


Measures of Progress – Wool on Wolves is available on iTunes*

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