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Cupla is an alternative rock band from Vancouver in Canada. Originally a duo of twins – hence the name – now comprises Bob McAloney (Guitar), Andrew Venning (Guitar), Tricia McAloney (Vocal), Bill McAloney (Drums) and Brando Donovan (Bass).



Traces of folk are subsumed in the bluesy rock the band delivers. A highly engaging vocal sits as the frontispiece to an infectious mellowness that belies the five strong band. This is well measured and the players work neatly together, instruments adding dramatic swashes of colour to an atmospheric layer of sound. References from a broad generation of music is redefined and played with considerable restraint.

The ever present bass and drum combination keeps the movements tipping forwards, whilst the heavily reveberd and delayed guitar create a sense of calm floating in the ears. Although tracks extend in excess of three minutes they just don’t seem long enough and the listener remains unsatiated before the next piece of music comes in to fill the void.

Not to be taken when you are haring out to a frenetic party, this is a delightful soundscape to relax in to and enjoy at leisure. The mind wanders to expansive snow laden forests as there is a certain degree of the hidden unknown with which the band tantalises the audience.

On occasion I receive introductions from Janet Hansen at ConBrio and not only does her range of interest but also her geographical representation sparks an immediate interest on receipt of one of her emails.


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