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Wooly Mammoth

Wooly Mammoth is an indie band from Ontario in Canada comprising Jessiah Devine and Paul Vroom.

Wooly Mammoth

Wooly Mammoth

I can only really say that it is the earthy realism of Wooly Mammoth that I enjoy. They are one of those bands I had to take on a second listening to get to grips with and the reason I took a second listen was because first time round there was something that titillated, but even haven gone through it again, I am still not sure – but what I can say for certain is there is a genuine feel to the output.

On the one hand the material sounds bland, but simultaneously there is something that underscores the music which pushes this to a band you just feel the need to play again and full credit to the duo for having that infectious warmth that does exactly what music should do – injects a curiosity in the mind of the listener and the longer you listen, so the warmer and attractive the sounds become.

I get the feeling there is a seething undercurrent of untold stories that lies therein as the sounds have that somewhat shadowy suburban feel of twitching net curtains, never seen but ever present and it is perhaps the stories behind these suburban houses that Wooly Mammoth makes for their fascination.

I am sort of reminded of a riddle inside an enigma, I still can’t tell you why I think you should listen to these guys, but I just know you should and I will still be playing their tracks long after this review is written.


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