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Street Violence

Street Violence, a five piece band from Atlanta in the USA are Suzanne Baker (Vocal), Trevor Michael Vick (Guitar), Cole Grant (Bass), Will Raines (Keyboard) and Shawn Dillard (drums), who describe themselves as psychedelic punk rock, a description that certainly drew my attention. It’s not been the best day today, just got back from the dentist having completed a root […]

Secondhand Heart

Secondhand Heart is a band based in Melbourne Australia, describing their out-put as a blues infused blend of rock/pop. Jess Carroll (Vocals / Guitar)), Lily Parker (Vocal / Keyboard), John Waller (Lead Guitar), Michael Hanley (Bass) and Chris Duffy (Drums) who have been together since 2006 have just released their debut EP. Vocal resonance is a key feature of Secondhand […]


Mondkopf first came to vision back in 2009, whith the the release of his album Galaxy Of Nowhere. Based in Paris,  France – Mondkopf is regularly seen around the circuit with his electronic – trance – house inspired story telling. There are plenty of artists who aspire to make a difference in this sector and so few who […]


Galleries are a four piece indie band from Glasgow in Scotland. David McAdam (vocalist / guitarist / laptop), Paul Campsie (guitarist), Adam Hall (Bassist) and Andrew Black (Drummer). Now when I was in a band, a laptop related to something quite different involving a mouth – hey how times move on. Gerdang, the laptop is even in the […]

Cosmo Jarvis | Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange? – album review

Cosmo Jarvis returns with another of his releases, this time Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange?, which came out on 26th September 2011. There are various versions of the album, so I’ll just concentrate on the 11 core tracks in this review. The album opens with Gay Pirates, which initially reminds me of Friggin’ in […]

Tiger Love

Tiger Love are a three piece band from London in the UK. Brothers Archi Love, Gigi Love originally from New York, were joined by Loral Love (drums) in 2010, they have since taken the scene by storm, even though still unsigned and doing their own thing. Currently in the recording studio, working on an LP. An interesting […]


OK are a band from Cardiff in Wales, Joe Paine (Vocals /Guitar) Adam Barrah (Vocals and Bass) Lego Man (Guitar / Vocals)  Dave Powell (drums) have been together for about three years now. OK are Indie Pop exponents with a broad fan appeal. More more, that’s my initial instinct when I hear OK, they have an instant familiarity and […]

Dominant Legs

Dominant Legs are a band from San Francisco in the USA. Back in 2008 Ryan Lynch (Vocals /Guitar) found himself out of work and with time on his hands and started to write songs for a new project, in 2009 Hannah Hunt (vocals / keyboard) joined and Dominant Legs was up and running, after touring and […]

Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane are a four piece indie band from Dublin in Ireland - Danda (guitar / vocals), Lydia Des Dolles (vocals), Ruairi Paxton (bass) and Donagh O’Brien (drums) – who play a dreamy variation of shoegaze. Sometimes writing about music requires a mood, rather than the mood being generated by the music and today I was feeling […]

Kate and After

Back in 2008, Kate and After came to fruition in Gothenburg, Sweden. Magnus Lindquist (lead vocals), Carl Nelvig, (Hammond Organ), Jonas Karlsson (guitar), Joakim Axelsson (drums) and Kristoffer Sohtell  (bass guitar) got together with the intention of creating a heartening sound. Cheerful, catchy rhythms come bouncing out of the speakers, as Kate and After make full use of the Hammond Organ, but far from […]

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