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Street Violence

Street Violence, a five piece band from Atlanta in the USA are Suzanne Baker (Vocal), Trevor Michael Vick (Guitar), Cole Grant (Bass), Will Raines (Keyboard) and Shawn Dillard (drums), who describe themselves as psychedelic punk rock, a description that certainly drew my attention.

Street Violence

Street Violence

It’s not been the best day today, just got back from the dentist having completed a root canal treatment, so it was with some trepidation I opened my emails, not expecting to spot Street Violence, who precisely fitted the space and lifted my mood considerably. Well the dentist starts off with a ‘we’ll just do’ and the next thing you know your nerves are playing ‘cats in a bag’ in your mouth. Fortunately today was the second treatment, so nerveless it was injectionless.

Now where was I? Oh that’s right engaging noises coming out of the speakers. A sublime vocal is matched by some intriguing music. It has all the simplicity of a decent punk release, whilst a Wurlitzer sound breathes life to embers of psychedelic rock and the whole formidable combustible mixture explodes in to a spectacular display. Rock-a-billy, surges through the high tones on the guitar, while a driving drum and bass line ensure the effervescent structure isn’t permitted to swerve off course, despite the best laid plans of the keyboard, which whips around like a tornado, touching down to add some exquisite notes to the over-all sound. All, constantly drawn like moths to a light by the distinctive vocal.

Street Violence play a great sound as they capably manage to focus the ears on the track as a whole and the constant bursting energy can’t help but raise a smile, even to a mouth that has had better days.

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With a recently released debut EP behind them, Straight Chillin’, I look forward to hearing how Street Violence develops.

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