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Kate and After

Back in 2008, Kate and After came to fruition in Gothenburg, Sweden. Magnus Lindquist (lead vocals), Carl Nelvig, (Hammond Organ), Jonas Karlsson (guitar), Joakim Axelsson (drums) and Kristoffer Sohtell 
(bass guitar) got together with the intention of creating a heartening sound.

Kate and After

Kate and After

Cheerful, catchy rhythms come bouncing out of the speakers, as Kate and After make full use of the Hammond Organ, but far from some soulless tat, they not only raise a smile, but have also managed to craft some well structured sounds.

It has been one of those weeks and it was a real delight to spot an email from Micke Rydbeck, suggesting I take some time out to listen. Many Swedish bands are far deeper in sound and I was expecting this when I played the first track, but the unexpected music was met with an immediate lifting of spirit.

Some of the tracks are of spectacular standard, I would single out The Pretender from the EP, Things to do, which manages to remind me of Talking Heads, while retaining a singularly up-beat tonality.

They describe themselves as a band best seen live, where the freedom to play enables their music to become more expressive, I look forward to that opportunity.

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I know this afternoon is going to work out well after having a good time listening to the band.

Things to do by Kate and After is available on Things to do - EP - Kate and After*

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