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Dominant Legs

Dominant Legs are a band from San Francisco in the USA. Back in 2008 Ryan Lynch (Vocals /Guitar) found himself out of work and with time on his hands and started to write songs for a new project, in 2009 Hannah Hunt (vocals / keyboard) joined and Dominant Legs was up and running, after touring and the release of two EPs, the band grew and now is a five piece Rene Solomon (Drums),  Andrew Connors (Bass) and Garett Goddard (Guitar) completing the line-up.

Dominant Legs

Dominant Legs

Somewhat retro – as is becoming ever more hip, Dominant Legs have some finely written pieces of music which dominate the room with a sense of the good times. They trip merrily across a the instruments, in an ever present joie de vivre.

That has all the danger of becoming plastic meaninglessness, but the band steer well away form such pitfalls, as the genuine musical and song writing skills emerge triumphantly. Think – Springsteen, Tracy Chapman mélange  and you will be getting in to the right space.

I wonder sometimes if age is mellowing me, my friends assure me that isn’t the case – however – I find myself drawn to the music in the way that opposites attract. There is little driving bass, it is all structured around the development of guitar arpeggios, supported by the high pitch of the keyboard, as bass and drum play a muted rounding role to the compositions and the vocal, again at the higher end, rounding out the music to that up-beat tonality I mentioned at the start of this review.

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Invitation which was released as an album in September 2011  is available on Invitation - Dominant Legs*

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