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Galleries are a four piece indie band from Glasgow in Scotland. David McAdam (vocalist / guitarist / laptop), Paul Campsie (guitarist), Adam Hall (Bassist) and Andrew Black (Drummer). Now when I was in a band, a laptop related to something quite different involving a mouth – hey how times move on.



Gerdang, the laptop is even in the picture – centre front stage complete with own podium – now that is prominent. Tempted as I am to head on with a microsoft versus apple discussion, not to mention linux etc., let’s get back to Galleries.

Galleries compete in a space which is heavily occupied, with their core focus being mainstream indie rock, a seething mass in which it is so easy to get lost, in fact I probably receive emails introducing these sorts of bands at a rate of 2 to 1 compared with everything else, so why do I think you should wander in to these shark infested waters? It is the use of that piece of technology which lifts the band to prominence.

The podium piece isn’t intrusive, rather adding a subtle tone of colour to an already substantial frame and background of highly accomplished musicians and song-writer. While continuing on that painting theme, when I try and paint something, it ends up looking a mess because I want to add ‘just one more detail’, Galleries are more like a Matisse -  fluid, original and the perfect addition of colour. Knowing when to stop is the a core competency the band have developed. You know what, this sounds more like a business appraisal than a review, but never mind – re-writing never was my forté.

They are setting themselves task, with a sound directed at premium location, do they sufficiently differentiate? Possibly, but this is a core of music, particularly with the U2 perspective, that regular readers of the indie bands blog will know always causes me some issues. That said, as they now stand is a great space in which to find them – innovative, engaging and fresh. Pretty please Galleries, don’t forget who you are not who you could wannabe, as your space is far more valuable, keep The Smiths drop the other.

Young Wounds by Galleries

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