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Secondhand Heart

Secondhand Heart is a band based in Melbourne Australia, describing their out-put as a blues infused blend of rock/pop. Jess Carroll (Vocals / Guitar)), Lily Parker (Vocal / Keyboard), John Waller (Lead Guitar), Michael Hanley (Bass) and Chris Duffy (Drums) who have been together since 2006 have just released their debut EP.

Secondhand Heart

Secondhand Heart

Vocal resonance is a key feature of Secondhand Heart as the two voices flow together like converging streams, whilst a delicious creamy froth is created around the voices through the empathic instrumentation. I reminded of bands like Vaqueros Paganos and many of the current Argentinian bands covered on the indie bands blog, where the common thread is influences from the likes of Velvet Underground.

The changes in melody and tempo are handled deftly by the band, as they weave a couple of chapters of story into each track. This ability to insert more than one theme to a piece of music is coped with seamlessly, as Secondhand Heart showcase their emotional context.

There is a theatrical jazz element to the band, which demands the listener free up time to listen to the music, which requires a personal involvement more than just a passing ear. The audience is rewarded with some complex compositions, which on subsequent listening deliver further depth and intricacy, akin to Fibonacci spirals.

I don’t have any videos to show of the band, so here is some audio.

Sweet Little Nothings by secondhandheartband

Band website

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