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Tiger Love

Tiger Love are a three piece band from London in the UK. Brothers Archi LoveGigi Love originally from New York, were joined by Loral Love (drums) in 2010, they have since taken the scene by storm, even though still unsigned and doing their own thing. Currently in the recording studio, working on an LP.

Tiger Love

Tiger Love

An interesting conglomeration of influences are bundled together and flipped back at the listener with some stunning results. Velvet Underground, Berlin and Horror films of the ’70′s resonate through the music, yet, this is all electronica, so how does that work?

I guess Ziggy Stardust would be a sensible space to get some idea of how Tiger Love has transitioned the sounds. The intelligently crafted music entertains at a cerebral level as well as that essential beat of strong electronica, thumping through the speakers ensuring a body in constant motion can leave thinking behind if preferred.

Superficially the music hits the mainstream nerve, yet has sufficient depth to ensure that audiences who like to hear more context to their music can glean considerable depth of composition to take the band as a serious contender for ‘value added’.


Their venture in to the studio for a recording will hopefully generate an LP which follows the line of production followed so far by Tiger Love.

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