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OK are a band from Cardiff in Wales, Joe Paine (Vocals /Guitar) Adam Barrah (Vocals and Bass) Lego Man (Guitar / Vocals)  Dave Powell (drums) have been together for about three years now. OK are Indie Pop exponents with a broad fan appeal.



More more, that’s my initial instinct when I hear OK, they have an instant familiarity and seem like old friends from the playlist cupboard. Undoubtedly they have brought together a plethora of sounds, with many of the tracks signalling clearly their source, but OK, manage to put a new spin to it all raising a smile all-round.

It is simple – good times music, played with a frenzy and enthusiasm that can’t help but ambush the listener and like many hostage stand-offs, the Stockholm Syndrome comes in to play, brilliant stuff.

They drift between anthems and straight songwriting with equal success, I look forward to hearing more, more more.

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There are some similarities to White Clouds and Gunfire, but OK play a more clean-shaven pop-ier sound. It would make for a fun festival if these two bands were on the bill.

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