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Gaoler’s Daughter at The Relentless Garage

John Garner headed over to Relentless Garage last week to catch up with Gaoler’s Daughter a band I have particularly enjoyed over-time. John had a different take on the night to what I had expected, prior to receiving his gig review. This was certainly a gig of two halves, the first half of which was […]

The Riot Tapes debut Single Photograph

Out of Dublin, The Riot Tapes came to fruition in 2009 created by Chris O’Brien and Elaine Doyle. There is an interesting story behind that formation, which I will get round to in a fuller review of the band in the near future. For now fast forward to 2011 and the debut single Photograph has […]

The Pins at New Cross Inn

John Garner headed out at the end of last week to take a look at The Pins in performance, thanks for the review John. The New Cross Inn is not the ideal gig venue. It is slightly too small, especially for a band with as big a sound as The Pins. Due to a delayed […]

Band of the week 9th April 2011

Rising to the top of the band of the week chart for April 9th – Secret Pilot from England 1. Secret Pilot (England) 2. Tall Ships (England) There is Nothing But Chemistry Here by Tall Ships is available on * 3. John & Lynn: Giant Cicada (USA) 4. Marc Evans (England) 5. LickSpittle (England) Steve […]


Avatars is the London, England based duo of Tim Brownlow (lead vocals and guitar) and Ritchie Kayvan who (Laptop and keyboard). Having originally met in 2007 it wasn’t until 2010 that  the electronics and guitar fusion came to fruition. Electronica + Guitar + thumping beats = happy listener. The Avatars have the uncanny ability opf […]

Bern & The Brights

Bern & The Bright from Montclair in the USA are a four piece, made up of – Bernadette Malavarca -(Vocals, Percussion, Electric Guitar and  Drums),  Catherine McGowan (Vocals, Percussion and  Acoustic Guitar),  Shawn Fafara (Bass) and Jose Ulloa (Drums) Superb, is a decent way to start the review. Multi-instrumentation, synchopation, well crafted compositions, I think […]

Band of the month March 2011

Making their debut on the band of the month chart – The Whatmans from Ireland steal the top spot. 1. The Whatmans (Ireland) Devils Shoes by The Whatmans is available on * 2. Rev78 (England) Could Have Been a Dancer by Rev78 is available on * 3. Missing Andy (England) A Call to Arms by […]

Marc Evans | War-Torn Heart EP

Marc Evans a singer/songwriter originally from Glasgow, Scotland, has been around a while, strumming his way around the circuit and has a debut release coming out on Mojo Records – War-Torn Heart. The four tracks on War-Torn Heart are an emotional roller-coaster of reflections of family, love and breaking-up. Opening with Forever You, a combination […]

Secret Pilot

Secret Pilot really are one of those apocryphal bands who met at halls of residence at University. Tom Hickman (bass), Paddy Thornton (guitar),  Ali Harrison (lead vocals, guitar) and  Phil Murphy (drums) met at Manchester university and started playing in 2010. With a strong following in Manchester, England and two releases behind them, they are […]

LickSpittle – Single – Steve McQueen

A little while ago I received some information from Luke at Mostar Records about a new single Steve McQueen, by LickSpittle. LickSpittle are an outfit from London, who have a sound which takes dashes of Devo, Talking Heads and Television, with a soupçon of nineties electronics, they pour it in to a cocktail shaker and […]

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