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New Year Ninety 2013 10 – 2

I hope you have enjoyed the run down of the New Year Ninety which is only made possible by the readers as it isn’t an Editors picklist – so thank you once again for taking the time for me to witter on and continuing to read the website. The most common question I am asked […]

Band of the month May 2012 top 10 chart

The band of the month top ten chart for May 2012 is dominated by bands from England, with only two other countries in the chart – Ukraine and Switzerland. Unlike  the predominance of  one country, the music reflects a broad range of styles. 1. Palace (England) 2. The Pins (England) Just Fine is available on * 3. The Redundants (England) 4. Colaars […]

Band of the week 13th to 19th May 2012 Top 5 chart

The band of the week chart on the indie bands blog for w/e 19th May 2012 is unusually made of bands from only two countries. 1. Hello Vegas (USA) 2. Mike Marlin (England) Nearly Man is available on * 3. Races (USA) Year of the Witch is available on * 4. The Pins (England) Just […]

Band of the week 29th April to 5th May 2012 Top 5 chart

The Indie Bands Blog Band of the week  Top 5 chart for w/e 5th May 2012 once again contains an eclectic range of music styles with bands geographically ranging from New Zealand to Finland. 1. Trabajo (USA) 2. Neondad (Finland) 3. The Eversons (New Zealand) Summer Feeling is available on * 4. The Pins (England) Just Fine is […]

Band of the month April 2012 top 10 chart

Band of the month April 2012 top 10 chart on the Indie Bands Blog. With bands from a variety of music styles and from 3 continents, the top 10 chart reflects the diversity of the audience on the website. 1. The Vex (England) 2. The Pins (England) Just Fine is available on * 3. Don’t Feed The […]

Band of the week 8th to 14th April 2012 Top 5 chart

The band of the week top chart for w/e 14th April 2012 on the Indie Bands Blog demonstrates the diversity of musical tastes enjoyed by the readers of the website and thank you to all of you. 1. The Pins (England) 2. Nicomedes (Peru) 3. The Vex (England) 4. Noblesse Oblige (Germany) Don’t adjust your […]

New Year Ninety 2012 50 to 41

The New Year Ninety 2012 reaches the half way point with places 50 to 41 50 – Stellarscope (USA) 49 – Avatars (England) 48 – The Pins (England) 47 – The Brassic (England) 46 – She’s a Beauty (Ireland) 45 – The I.D. (England) Age Anti Age by The I.D 44 – 43 – The […]

The Pins at New Cross Inn

John Garner headed out at the end of last week to take a look at The Pins in performance, thanks for the review John. The New Cross Inn is not the ideal gig venue. It is slightly too small, especially for a band with as big a sound as The Pins. Due to a delayed […]

The Pins

The Pins is a five piece indie rock out-fit from Hertfordshire in England. Aaron Page (Vocals), Ben Reynolds (Guitar & backing vocals), Danny Stillwell (Guitar & backing vocals), Dale Ricciardi (Bass) and  Adam Essoof (Drums), have been playing up and down the country and across in to Central Europe over the three years since they […]