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Avatars is the London, England based duo of Tim Brownlow (lead vocals and guitar) and Ritchie Kayvan who (Laptop and keyboard). Having originally met in 2007 it wasn’t until 2010 that  the electronics and guitar fusion came to fruition.



Electronica + Guitar + thumping beats = happy listener. The Avatars have the uncanny ability opf creating sounds which are playable in clubs, festivals, at home and through earphones, not bad going for a duo.

The creamy layers of electronics are subtly fused with reverbed guitar and whisked together with solid bass tonality all topped off with a floating mist of vocal. If Heston Blumenthal were a musician, I could imagine him turning his hand to this type of intricate creativity. An absolute pleasure to the ears with layers of sensation, creating an ever more complex and effective sound to the ears. Incredibly sophisticated in creation, yet absolutely relevant in delivery.

I type this review in a dark room, only lit by the computer screen with a wash of pleasure ringing through my ears. The music has those hallmarks of something special, hitting resonances with moments in time, yet unpretentious and delivered with sheer professionalism.Far more importantly  Avatars have carefully picked the way through overt construction, to musical creations which are  almost living and breathing entities in their own right.

This has the spark of something of real value to the world of contemporary music and it will be interesting to watch Avatars develop.


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