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Evil Eye Gypsy

Evil Eye Gypsy came to my attention and I thought I should add this acid rock, blues band from Dayton in the USA.  With seven to fit on the stage you may anticipate Sarah (Vocals), Nick (Bass), Jay (Guitar / Vocals / Keyboards), Mike (Guitar / Harmonica / Keyboards), Jonathan (Drums), Sherree (Percussion / Vocals) and Wolfgang (Guitar / Keyboards / Percussion […]

Magic Trick

Out of San Fransisco in the USA, Magic Trick is  – Tim Cohen (A little bit of everything) Noelle Cahill (Angel Voices and other things) Alicia Vanden Heuvel (Angel Voices and more) and James Kim (Drums and things). With a new 4 track – The Glad Birth of Love – having just been released which […]

Luna is Honey

Luna is Honey is a four piece band, who have been around since 2006, based in Los Angeles in the USA. Joshua Crampton (voice, guitar) Jay Francisco (samples) Amorn Bholsangngam (drums, percussion) and Tyler Binkley (bass) combine to produce progressive rock of the highest order. Luna is Honey, sit in a space in which many […]

Bern & The Brights

Bern & The Bright from Montclair in the USA are a four piece, made up of – Bernadette Malavarca -(Vocals, Percussion, Electric Guitar and  Drums),  Catherine McGowan (Vocals, Percussion and  Acoustic Guitar),  Shawn Fafara (Bass) and Jose Ulloa (Drums) Superb, is a decent way to start the review. Multi-instrumentation, synchopation, well crafted compositions, I think […]

Small Black

Small Black are a four piece out-fit from Brooklyn in the USA. Ryan Heyner, Josh Kolenik, Juan Pieczanski and Jeff Curtin are a hard working group who produce strange beats, dreamy synths, and  laid-back melodies. I am so laid back writing this review of Small Black as their dreamy melodies flow through my head, that […]