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Band of the month March 2011

Making their debut on the band of the month chart – The Whatmans from Ireland steal the top spot.

The Whatmans

The Whatmans

1. The Whatmans (Ireland)

Devils Shoes by The Whatmans is available on Devils Shoes - EP - The Whatmans*

2. Rev78 (England)

Could Have Been a Dancer by Rev78 is available on Could Have Been a Dancer - Rev78*

3. Missing Andy (England)

A Call to Arms by Missing Andy is available on A Call To Arms - Missing Andy*

4. The Rural Alberta Advantage (Canada)

Departing by The Rural Alberta Advantage is available on Departing - The Rural Alberta Advantage*

5. Space Creator Band (USA)

Who Rode the Chariots by Space Creator Band is available on Who Rode The Chariots - Space Creator Band*

6. The Gadsdens (England)

The Sailor Song by The Gadsdens is available on The Sailor Song - The Gadsdens*

7. My Glorious (Austria)

Home is Where the Heart Breaks by My Glorious is available on Home Is Where The Heart Breaks - My Glorious*

8. New Found Land (Germany)

The Bell by New Foudn Land is available on The Bell - New Found Land*

9. Jon & Lynn: The Giant Cicada (USA)

10. The Polyamorous Affair (USA)

Bolshevik Disco by The Polyamorous Affair is available on Bolshevik Disco - The Polyamorous Affair*

11. Four Quartets (England)

The Paragon of Animals (sampler) by Four Quartets

The Paragon of Animals by Four Quartets is available on The Paragon of Animals - Four Quartets*

12. Ideals (England)

Forever Leisure by Ideals is available on Forever Leisure EP - Ideals*

13. Tall Ships (England)

The eponymous release by Tall Ships is available on Tall Ships - EP - Tall Ships*

14. Divorce (Scotland)

Divorce – 13th note – 20/09/09 from Fiona Brown on Vimeo.

The eponymous release by Divorce is available on Divorce - Divorce*

15. Junkstar (England)

Bluebottles: The Remixes by Junkstar is available on Bluebottles: The Remixes - Junkstar*

16. Strange Hands (France)

- ACID VISION – Strange Hands from tab_ularasa on Vimeo.

Acid Vision / Living Dead by Strange Hands is available on Acid Vision / Living Dead - Strange Hands*

17. OfeliaDorme (Italy)

All Harm Ends Here by OfeliaDorme is available on All Harm Ends Here - Ofeliadorme*

18. New Nobility (Australia)

Rebel Hero by New Nobility is available on Rebel-Hero - New Nobility*

19. The Ex (Holland)

Singles. Period. The Vinyl Years 1980 – 1990 by The Ex is available on Singles. Period. The Vinyl Years 1980-1990 - The Ex*

20. Papercuts (USA)

Fading Parade by Papercuts is available on Fading Parade (Bonus Track Version) - Papercuts*

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