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Secret Pilot

Secret Pilot really are one of those apocryphal bands who met at halls of residence at University. Tom Hickman (bass), Paddy Thornton (guitar),  Ali Harrison (lead vocals, guitar) and  Phil Murphy (drums) met at Manchester university and started playing in 2010. With a strong following in Manchester, England and two releases behind them, they are beginning to garner wider attention.

Secret Pilot

Secret Pilot

They have realised immediately that the strength of their sound is the sharp punctuality of their music. Paring back on frivolity, they play honest and accessible indie rock. Many bands can do this, what makes Secret Pilot stand out is the sheer power which emerges like a nymph out of the pure clarity of the music. This is evidently a talented group of musicians who have a clear ear to production, as their material stands as though in a spotlight on the stage, vulnerable, yet intoxicating in it’s exposure.

I enjoy the rolling drum which accompanies the briefly struck guitar chords all of which is supported by strong lead vocal, enhanced by multiple voices. These guys have done well for themselves in a brief period and it will be interesting to hear them develop. There are a mix of influences with which to compare the band, but in this instance, I don’t think they are particularly helpful reference points. They are discovering their potential and I expect if they stay for the long haul others will be referencing them in time to come.


The recently released EP Punching Underwater is a great introduction to the band and I am delighted to be able to offer it as a free download

Punching Underwater EP by secretpilotuk

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