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Ruckus Roboticus

Ruckus Roboticus, who has been around since 1998, from Dayton – Ohio in the USA, spends time working on remixes for other artists, but far more interestingly for the indie  bands blog releases material which pulls in drum machines and turntables to create some innovative sounds.

Ruckus Roboticus

Ruckus Roboticus

As regular readers of the blog will know, the basic step one for consideration needs to be real instruments, but from time time time acts who don’t meet this entry level are so much fun and refreshing that they just deserve some space and Ruckus Roboticus blasts a hole in to that criteria.

Creating a sound which is at once demanding of a few steps around the room between sentences and at the same time raises a constant smile, Ruckus Roboticus casts aside genre sensibilities to cheer up any day. Heavily laden beats are met with counterblasts of shouted intervention, generating something which serves a purpose and heads to a conclusion.

Electronic dance merges seamlessly with swing on his latest release release Chicks, his earlier material fuses electro, rap, hip-hop, who knows the next iteration may even be Bach. This is a hugely talented experimentalist and a pleasure to have discovered, thanks to Tyler from Banter Media for giving me the heads-up.


Music by Ruckus Roboticus available on Ruckus Roboticus*

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