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The Badenvilles

The Badenvilles is Gordie (Guitars / Vocals), Jem (Guitars), Nico (Bass) and Ben (Drums) an alternative rock band from Hobart in Tasmania. I hit play and immediately I had to search out my recordings by The Fall and this has left me in a reverie for many an hour. A half spoken vocal lies over sparse instrumentation and there […]

Jetson Manic

Jetson Manic is the four piece rock band of Matt (Vocals / Guitar), Dug (Bass / Vocals), Byrney (Drums) and Spo (Lead Guitar) from Sydney in Australia. About a year old now Jetson Manic is continuing the thread of rock based bands from Australia I seem to be mining at the moment, each with something distinct to say. The material […]

The Nectars

The Nectars is a new-wave band from Sydney in Australia with the line-up of Mark Harding (Bass), Oli Davies (Guitar), Digby Nield (Drums) and James Dunlop (Vocal, Guitar). When I first hit play I was swept back to the new wave scene of the early ’80s with a sound resonating of the likes of Squeeze and The Members and how […]


BRUCE! is a heavy metal band from Tarrawanna in Australia comprising Michael Curley (Vocals / Guitar), Mick Brady (Vocals / Guitar), Luke Armstrong ( Vocals/ Bass) and Elwyn Brindle-Jones (Vocals / Drums). Rippling with influences straight from the early days of fellow countrymen –  AC/DC –  so much so I had expected to see the trademark Angus shorts and it is […]


Back in 2009 the alternative rockers Crystal Ignite (Vocals), Mark Dalbeth (Bass), Vinny Mancuso (Guitar) and James Mileto (Drums) from Melbourne in Australia formed Bellusira, on June 14th 2013 they release their debut LP – Connection. I seem to have recently found a rich seam in alternative rock music derived from heavy metal – much of which is emanating from […]

High Side Driver

High Side Driver is the Melbourne, Australia, rock band of Rob Pearson (Lead Vocals), Matt Camp (Guitars / Samples), Lewis Healy (Bass guitar / Backing Vocals), Darren Timms (Lead guitar / Backing Vocals) and Rod Whitfield (Drums). High Side Driver is one of those bands I had to come back to a second time around, because on first play, they […]


Skinwalkers is Lach Jenno (Vocals / Guitar), Matt Turner (Drums / Vocals) and Lachlan (Bass / Vocals) an indie rock band from Brisbane in Australia. Formed back in 2008 Skinwalkers have gone through iterations of musical construct but have always remained constant on the focus and sharp readers will have spotted that Matt Turner and I had a […]

There’s Too Much

There’s Too Much is the vehicle for New Zealand born, now residing in London – England, Bryce Eden to deliver his industrial electronica. Industrial sounds make perfect sense to me as much of the world heads into fiscal oblivion and Society splinters. The oppressive unstoppable rumble captures the mood of the time. There’s Too Much combines instruments, […]

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea originally from Australia is a hip-hop rap singer. There is something quite refreshing about the material Iggy Azalea launches on the world with a freshness and vitality that so-often fails to shine through the genre. There is an intriguing underlay of angst which is delivered with a confidence and sassyness that rents like a a […]

William Street Strikers

William Street Strikers is the funk rock quartet of Andrew, Shannon, Chris and Todd from Adelaide in Australia. There are some bands when I feel the need to grow up and William Street Strikers sit within that definition, but as I am now in my 50th year there is little chance of that, so the […]

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