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William Street Strikers

William Street Strikers is the funk rock quartet of Andrew, Shannon, Chris and Todd from Adelaide in Australia.

William Street Strikers

William Street Strikers

There are some bands when I feel the need to grow up and William Street Strikers sit within that definition, but as I am now in my 50th year there is little chance of that, so the best I can do is empty the ash-tray before writing the review.

Playing through their tracks takes the listener on a journey through all that is best in classic rock and its derivatives, but they bring it all together with a contemporary feel. The band is able to wander through a plethora of sounds with their dexterous use of the pedal which finds guitar wandering from reverb, through damper, to echo and fuzz with relevance to the music being played and they use this flexibility wisely within the context of a definitive direction of travel which is ever led forward by a subtle percussion that somehow is defining of the sounds, whilst always being tucked away in the background.

Having the confidence in their abilities, William Street Strikers is able to add complexities to what would otherwise be straightforward progressions and it is the added bells and whistles that create a sound that is as intoxicating as the sixth glass of Krug – somewhere in the back of the head there is a sense that you know you shouldn’t, but it is such a good place to be that the longer it lasts the better it becomes.

Full credit to the guys for striking out in the fashion they have done and all the best for the future.


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