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High Side Driver

High Side Driver is the Melbourne, Australia, rock band of Rob Pearson (Lead Vocals), Matt Camp (Guitars / Samples), Lewis Healy (Bass guitar / Backing Vocals), Darren Timms (Lead guitar / Backing Vocals) and Rod Whitfield (Drums).

High Side Driver

High Side Driver

High Side Driver is one of those bands I had to come back to a second time around, because on first play, they sounded just too smooth for my ears. Underneath the glossy appearance is a backbone of some steel and the polished shoes have a scuffed heel which makes this more than just ‘another rock band from Australia’, so I am glad to have come back and taken a second listen.

I am sure that to those new to the Indie Bands Blog, the idea that a band is too polished and rehearsed may sound a little bizarre, but I am not a Music Critic merely a music fan interested in finding the bands with something new to add with a true heart and soul and sharing those discoveries and thoughts with other fans of honest music. Which is why over 90% of the bands reviewed are ones regular readers will have never heard of and of those reviewed the vast majority will have disappeared within a year of review. This is about a celebration of creativity, not a predictor of  world domination.

Bands like High Side Driver who have been around for over three years find it more difficult to secure a review: As the very polish and formulaic compositions many will have developed over the years, sadly so often turns the music into a heartless and soulless ride of well engineered and produced radio friendly material, which is for the world of the Music Critic; than for a band a week old. However the quintet  have been able to add production value, whilst retaining the essential creative spark.

Now that was a long introduction to a band I know, so what are these guys all about?…..

Big stage rock meets darker lyrical content in to which the music weaves a storyline of relevance. Playing music relevant to and within the lyrical content High Side Driver retain the essential connection between music and the sentiment, which means playing with the scruffier edges to pull out the heart of the tale to thrust the core of the creation into the ears with conviction.

Strangely I find myself interested in a style of music which normally has me reaching for Valium as the dark progressive rock of  the quintet reveals the unfolding direction of travel with a sound that is whipped with subtly delivered textures that lie within powerful percussion / bass progressions.


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