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William Street Strikers

William Street Strikers is the funk rock quartet of Andrew, Shannon, Chris and Todd from Adelaide in Australia. There are some bands when I feel the need to grow up and William Street Strikers sit within that definition, but as I am now in my 50th year there is little chance of that, so the […]

Jelly Project

Jelly Project is a funk rock band from Minneapolis in the USA. Angelica “Jelly” Thomas (Vocals), Eric “eTravlz” Mitchell (Guitar), Christopher “Boss” Reifsteck (Bass) and Paul “Whorehay” Solem (Drums) got together in 2010 and since then have been working hard to deliver their distinctive sound and attitude. A suppletive of narrative and instrumentation neatly bridges the decades betwixt the current space and the […]

Sae Lis’

Sae Lis‘ based in Beirut in Lebanon is another exemplar of how the world of music can and does exist underneath discordance. Whilst the solo singer songwriter Sae Lis’ can and does travel around the world, she retains as her home one of the worlds ever bubbling trouble-spots and for this above most anything, I am delighted to […]

Dynamite the Liberator

Dynamite the Liberator an alternative indie rock band from Pheonix in the USA started life as an idea in May 2011 with John Yohimbe (Guitar) and Rich Tokatyan (Bass) got together, within short order Marcus Terrell Smith (Vocal) and Chad Calton (drums) were on-board. Dynamite the Liberator is another of those bands that makes me feel […]