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Skinwalkers is Lach Jenno (Vocals / Guitar), Matt Turner (Drums / Vocals) and Lachlan (Bass / Vocals) an indie rock band from Brisbane in Australia.



Formed back in 2008 Skinwalkers have gone through iterations of musical construct but have always remained constant on the focus and sharp readers will have spotted that Matt Turner and I had a chat in April 2013 about making a difference.

On a bank holiday Sunday afternoon as I type there is something invigorating to liven the head. Ripping the heart and soul of heavy rock, Skinwalkers, turn up the heat as they challenge through the lyrics within a familiar resonance. There is something animalistic about the trio who deliver a sound which contains all we need to have a great night out, to which they add a timbre of challenge.

Skinwalkers is not seeking to redefine the genre as they travel across their path, but are determined to find a platform in which their music finds resonance and much as I moan about metal, it is a genre that has fans who have over the ages held a strong stance on social declination.

I wish these guys all the best with their message on making a difference as they seek to connect across the globe with the like-minded and for this I raise my hat.

Aside from the stance, taking a listen to the material, I get the feeling that Skinwalkers is a band to see live.


Fall Or Resist – Skinwalkers is available on iTunes*.

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