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Back in 2009 the alternative rockers Crystal Ignite (Vocals), Mark Dalbeth (Bass), Vinny Mancuso (Guitar) and James Mileto (Drums) from Melbourne in Australia formed Bellusira, on June 14th 2013 they release their debut LP – Connection.



I seem to have recently found a rich seam in alternative rock music derived from heavy metal – much of which is emanating from Australia. Whilst there are for want of a better term what I will call ‘unreconstructed rock’ bands still doing well, the Australian scene has started to explode with a more mature and developed hybrid that connects to a broader international audience and Bellusira is a welcome addition to this development. Whilst I have had the opportunity to listen to the new 11 track release, this is not a review of the LP, rather a consideration of the style of music.

In blending classical rock-riffs with a more demonstrative and melodic format Bellusira is able to deliver songs which travel over octaves with the music emphasising the sentiments within the lyric and by using the more dramatic formula the listener finds sounds that at once contain the familiar elements, whilst simultaneously taking the brain on a wider journey of discovery. The more tempered style enables the quartet to deliver a sound that packs power through its dramatic movement as opposed to relying on pace and condensed notes.

By opening up the experience, the material demands a focus of the mind and in return for this higher expectation of the listener Bellusira offer as a reward some of the most intense and well composed energy draining sounds around at the moment.


Closer To Me – Bellusira is available on iTunes*.

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