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There’s Too Much

There’s Too Much is the vehicle for New Zealand born, now residing in London – England, Bryce Eden to deliver his industrial electronica.

There's Too Much

There’s Too Much

Industrial sounds make perfect sense to me as much of the world heads into fiscal oblivion and Society splinters. The oppressive unstoppable rumble captures the mood of the time. There’s Too Much combines instruments, vocal and computer generated sounds to good effect and it is the digital noises off, that steer the music on its course describing a world bent on self-destruction.

The fact that the material rustles the sub-woofers in to life is as you know a personal added attraction. There is something that fascinates about the mutations of bubbles of noise that roll into the room and the listener feels themselves being swept up and brushed aside helplessly as the music starkly beats out its relentless path. The diffused vocal adds considerable atmosphere to the tracks rounding off There’s Too Much music and giving it the ability to encapsulate the moment.

Whilst laden with effects, there is contrastingly a minimalism to the sounds which is imparted by the relentless unceasing motion that resonates through the material.

I will certainly be adding this to my playlist and it is through artists such as Bryce Eden that the power and value of computer generated sounds is exploited to an art form rather than some repetitive banal beat loop.


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