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Kitten Pyramid

Kitten Pyramid is a progressive rock band from Derby in England, who could also perhaps be called a collective as the line up has a core of six -  Rob Redfern (Drums), Gemma Bower (Flute /Sax / Vocals), Chris Baldwin (Piano / Guitar / Vocals), Dan Baker (Guitar / Vocals), Mark Hamon (Bass / vocals) and Scott Milligan (Guitar /Vocals) – […]

Liquid Casing

Liquid Casing from Houston in the USA is a progressive rock band comprising Alvaro Rodriguez (Guitars / Lead Vocals), Okikiolu Olufokunbi (Sax / Keys), Jim Stettner (Bass / Vocals) and John Pitale (Drums / Percussion). Liquid Casing deliver a style of music which demands interaction by the listener and it is worth taking the time to […]

High Side Driver

High Side Driver is the Melbourne, Australia, rock band of Rob Pearson (Lead Vocals), Matt Camp (Guitars / Samples), Lewis Healy (Bass guitar / Backing Vocals), Darren Timms (Lead guitar / Backing Vocals) and Rod Whitfield (Drums). High Side Driver is one of those bands I had to come back to a second time around, because on first play, they […]

DoG HeaDed SpiRiTs

DoG HeaDed SpiRiTs is the progressive rock duo of Kira White and Kheri Sherpa from London in England who both play guitar and sing. There should be so much I dislike about this duo – the way the band capitalises their name -DoG HeaDed SpiRiTs – progressive rock, but somehow I find myself intrigued. There is a […]

Panda Transport – If Only I Had A Brain – video

Panda Transport the progressive rock duo of Kathy Compton and Thierry Holweck who split their time between Malmö (Sweden) and Lyon (France) have a new LP set for release on the 24th October 2012 – Wildlife. Here is final track from the eleven track release by the duo – If I Only Had A Brain. website […]


From Rochester in the USA we find Sara Passamonte (Lead Vocals),  J Passamonte (Drums / Vocals), Dylan Emerson (Guitar) and Robert Smith (Bass / Vocals) who formerly included Mike Ortolaza in the line-up who are the progressive rock band Nevergreen. A blend of influences lie through the band which they turn-around to produce music with an engaging quality. I particularly like the use of […]


ViLiFi is a progressive alternative rock band from Merritt Island in the USA. Formerly known as oNe – the trio of Shain Honkonen (Vocals / Guitar), Chris Marshall (Drums) and Dylan Thomas (Bass) cleverly blend a range of influences. Neatly packaged, perhaps a little too much so for my ears, but that doesn’t take away from some delightful […]

The Manic Shine

The Manic Shine, a four piece alternative progressive rock band from London in England. Ozzie Rodgers (Lead Vocals / Guitars), Orren Karp (Backing Vocals / Guitars), Hutch Hutchison (Bass) and Tamir Karp (Drums / Backing Vocals) recently released their debut album Blindsider. The Manic Shine offer a journey, which is well worth taking the time to enjoy. Casting aside prescriptive song […]

Isaac Indiana

Isaac Indiana is a five piece progressive rock band from Exeter in England. Less than a year ago Andy Jackson (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Tom Sturges (Vocals, Saxaphone, Guitar), Ben Homer (Vocals, Keys), Sam Hall (Vocals, Drums) and Ben Houghton (Bass) decided they wanted to make their mark on the world of music and have done so with a well inked […]


Phantasm is a theatre-rock trio from Philadelphia in the USA, who had a new eight track release Impossible Machines come out on 7th May 2012. Jay Yachetta, Aaron White and Steven Rosplock have a reputation for unusual instrumentation and an engaging live loops on stage. The band is at core heavy rock based, but they add a layer of […]

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