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The Nectars

The Nectars is a new-wave band from Sydney in Australia with the line-up of Mark Harding (Bass), Oli Davies (Guitar), Digby Nield (Drums) and James Dunlop (Vocal, Guitar).

The Nectars

The Nectars

When I first hit play I was swept back to the new wave scene of the early ’80s with a sound resonating of the likes of Squeeze and The Members and how could I not immediately become entranced. Further it was something to a surprise to find, far from residing in an English Suburb they are an Australian out-fit.

Music of this style relies on two core ingredients – rougish love-ability and pace and The Nectars have these with more to spare. Vaguely comedic sounds with an ironic twist of lime to zest it up along with sure fire dance-ability are a pleasure to have this breaking through the room. There is little recorded music currently available to hear, but there is an EP – Talk – on its way and I have had the opportunity to have a listen to a couple of demo tracks and all I can say – get involved now as this an outfit who have much to add to the world of music.

It is always a pleasure to find bands who are able to balance the ingredients of fun and serious out-put and The Nectars do it with style.


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