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An Interview with Michele Ari

It was the end of December 2012 that I first wrote about Michele Ari and I recently had the opportunity to speak to her about her life as a musician. We discuss constantly moving, homelessness and the ups and downs of life amongst much else. Uncharted Territory – EP – Michele Ari is available on […]

Exit Earth – Heavy Eyes – LP review

3rd April 2013 saw the physical and digital release of the Leamington Spa – England based band Exit Earth of their new ten track LP – Heavy Eyes. June 2012 saw the introduction of Exit Earth with their take on lo-fi alternative indie. Track listing Brandon, Dalston Grilz, WYB, Collarbone, Stems, Honey Drift, Fake Living, […]

Band of the week – top 5 chart – 21st to 27th April 2013

Four countries from three different continents are represented on the band of the week top 5 chart for w/e 27th April 2013. 1. Pet Tigers (USA) 2. The Blue Collars (England) 3. Hammering Spleen (France) 4. There’s Too Much (New Zealand) 5. The Sea The Sea (England) To help support the indie bands blog to […]

There’s Too Much

There’s Too Much is the vehicle for New Zealand born, now residing in London – England, Bryce Eden to deliver his industrial electronica. Industrial sounds make perfect sense to me as much of the world heads into fiscal oblivion and Society splinters. The oppressive unstoppable rumble captures the mood of the time. There’s Too Much combines instruments, […]

Silent Noise Parade

Silent Noise Parade is Owen Geaney (Guitar, Bass), Joseph Geaney (Guitar, Keys), Gary Sherlock (Vocals), Liam Hayes (Drums) and Kevin Gubbins (Keys, Samples) an electro-indie band from Nenagh in in Eire. On hitting play, I thought I had headed by mistake to Berlin or was listening to New Romanticism from the ’80s, but no I had really […]

Hammering Spleen

Hammering Spleen is Benjamin Racine (lead vocals / guitars / irish bouzouki), Nicolas Arnaud (drums / percussion) and Mathieu Equy (bass / percussion / vocals) a psychedelic rock band from Nancy in France. Melting Spleen is a band that perfectly catches my mind today. Antibiotics for bronchitis, anti-inflammatory’s and painkillers for RSI, now called some other acronym and my […]

Indie Music Tips #3 Making a difference with Matt Turner

Episode #3 of – Indie Music Tips – Independent Music with Matt Turner of the Australian band Skinwalkers talking about making a difference as a musician. In this interview Matt talks about the video interview series – Everyone Has a Story, the bands connection with Punk 4 The Homeless , reinventing the concept of being a musician, […]

Amateur Historians

Amateur Historians is Chris Curry (Vocals / Guitar), Luke Casey (Bass guitar) and Gerard McCorry (Drums) an alternative Indie band from Belfast in Northern Ireland. The introspective sounds speak of the realities of life choices and plans gone awry. But that isn’t to say it is a space of despair, far from it, there is a nervy uplifting edginess that […]

Pet Tigers

Pet Tigers is a synth alt rock band from Las Vegas in the USA. Ryan Arcoraci (bass/ vocals), Liz Ofte (Keyboards/vocals) and Jesse Moran (drums) set out with the clear intention to form a new wave rock band with no guitar.  Pet Tigers challenge preconceptions and the ‘Keytar’ used by Liz, let’s her wander round the […]

Band of the week top 5 chart w/e 20th April 2013

The band of the week top 5 chart for w/e 20th April 2013 has bands from four different countries. 1. The Blue Collars (England) 2. XOVA (England) The Pressures of Life – XOVA is available on iTunes*. 3. Kae (Holland) The Omen – EP – Kae is available on iTunes. 4. Sacred Sun (The Ukraine) […]

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