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Pet Tigers

Pet Tigers is a synth alt rock band from Las Vegas in the USA. Ryan Arcoraci (bass/ vocals), Liz Ofte (Keyboards/vocals) and Jesse Moran (drums) set out with the clear intention to form a new wave rock band with no guitar.

Pet Tigers

Pet Tigers

 Pet Tigers challenge preconceptions and the ‘Keytar’ used by Liz, let’s her wander round the stage like a prowling – well – semi-tamed Pet Tiger….

The ferocious pace at which the band deliver their sounds recalls all the best of ’80s New Wave and has the audience in dance mode from the off, wreathed in smiles. The structure of the songs, in which the electronic keys are dampened gives the power of a guitar, whilst still retaining  that lingering float as the drums and bass rattle with the best of rock. This is not only inventive – it is fun, engaging and just makes you want to play it all over again and again.

Pet Tigers haven’t changed the formula, rather added new ingredients, that refreshes and renews a sound to the second decade of the 21st Century. The trio contain all that is needed in rock music in their stripped down proclamations.  They challenge the brain to take a listen without getting caught up in the infectious warmth of it all and – I suggest – win on all counts.

Just what I needed on this Sunday morning as the sun breaks the dawn and I will still have these tunes running round my head, if not the player when the sun sets this evening.


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