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An interview with The Pocket Gods

It was October 2009 that I first introduced The Pocket Gods and finally I had a chance to talk to Mark Lee and Paul Jones about Peshwari Naan, Time Portals, UFOs, the meaning of life and much more. I did review In Search Of The Divine in February 2013 and the LP launch party is […]

An Interview with Michele Ari

It was the end of December 2012 that I first wrote about Michele Ari and I recently had the opportunity to speak to her about her life as a musician. We discuss constantly moving, homelessness and the ups and downs of life amongst much else. Uncharted Territory – EP – Michele Ari is available on […]

An Interview with Korine from Kae

It was March 2012 that Kae were introduced to the website and a year on I had the opportunity to interview Korine Varekamp to see if the transition from solo performer to a full band continues smoothly. In which we discuss live touring plans, recording music, Social Media along with a play of the brand new studio […]

An interview with La Fin Absolute Du Monde

An interview with La Fin Absolute Du Monde, who I first introduced in December 2012. In which we discuss, The Dead Kennedys, Gretna Green, cooking recipes and so much more. Apologies for the quality of my microphone at the very start of this interview as it sounds as though I am speaking through water, but it quickly clears up. Début de […]

An Interview with ShiShi

I am sorry to one and all for this late posting of an interview I had with ShiShi last year – well the 27th December 2012 to be exact. Tom Lugo and the Indie Bands Blog go back a few years and a few conversations, this was the first time I had the opportunity to […]

An Interview with Marla Mase

Having first written about Marla Mase in December 2010 it was good to be able to finally catch up on Skype for an interview. In which we discuss making connections, Project Heal, Anorexia, gene pools and much much more… The video for Piece of Peace. To find out more about Project Heal. A Brief Night […]

An interview with Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun

Back in November 2012 I introduced Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun and had a chance to catch up with them in mid December 2012 for a skype interview. Here we talk about Brazil, passion for music and paranoia. White Dancer is available on * Join the Indie Bands Blog on Facebook for more […]

An interview with Pretty Solitude and the video for Angel

I wrote a review, back in October 2012 of the LP Hollow by Pretty Solitude and had the opportunity to catch up with Rebecka Heijel and Matz Lundin to discuss Swedish landscapes and opportunities in Japan.   website Hollow is available on * Join the indie bands blog on twitter for more of the latest music […]

An Interview with The Mouth of Ghosts

The Mouth of Ghosts,  an electro-indie five piece made up of Alla Seydalieva (vocals), Simon Langford (guitar), Marco Italia (bass), Phil Page (drums) and Valerie Deniz (vocals / synth) is based in London, England. The Mouth of Ghosts seems to have developed in numbers over time, rather than all the members getting together at the off […]

An interview with Juan Pablo Mazzola of Babyscream

Baby Scream was reviewed in January 2012 and I had the chance to catch up with Juan to find out what has been happening in the intervening months which has been fairly busy with a change of line-up and a relocation from Argentina to Berlin in Germany. website The current line-up for Baby Scream is Juan […]

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