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Exit Earth – Heavy Eyes – LP review

3rd April 2013 saw the physical and digital release of the Leamington Spa – England based band Exit Earth of their new ten track LP – Heavy Eyes. June 2012 saw the introduction of Exit Earth with their take on lo-fi alternative indie. Track listing Brandon, Dalston Grilz, WYB, Collarbone, Stems, Honey Drift, Fake Living, […]

Band of the Month June 2012 top 10 chart

Band of the Month June 2012 top 10 chart on the indie bands blog. 1. Magic Trick (USA) Magic Trick is available on * 2. The Guru (USA) 3. Rug (USA) O2 is available on * 4. The Struts (England) 5. Redwire (England) Live Today Die Tomorrow is available on * 6. Doctrines (England) 7. […]

Exit Earth

Exit Earth is a lo-fi alternative indie rock band from Leamington Spa in England comprising  Symrun Johal (vocals / guitar), Jake Maiden (drums), Joe Holiday (guitar) and Bas Macabre (bass) There is a gauntlet thrown out to the ears as Exit Earth emerge like a tortured soul from the speakers and this is a sound […]