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Audiogold | Embers and Theories

It has been a little while since I last wrote about Audiogold and it is good to be able to provide an update with news of their upcoming Album Embers and Theories. Not due for release digitally until early October 2011, rumour has it that there may be some physical CDs around from the middle […]

A Lull

From Chicago in the USA, A Lull is a band comprising five multi-instrumentalists, Nigel Dennis, Todd Miller, Mike Brown, Aaron Vincel and Ashwin Deepankar, who take the listener on a journey of discovery. From yesterdays article, which I expected would have arisen out of a Banter-Media introduction, here is one of their introductions. I am […]

The Vliets

It would have been easy to pass The Vliets by, on the basis they were cashing in, but that is far from the case. The Vliets from Dallas, USA, are a band I expected to pop up via Banter-Media, but it was a member of the band who made contact, so thanks for that Ty. […]

Marla Mase album review Speak

Marla Mase steps away from her theatre setting to provide us with a new album – Speak. A ten track album, Speak opens with – Lioness, a tribal vocal opens the track before we head off to the theme of the album – caging and compliance. The musicality heads to a new space for Marla, […]

Noblesse Oblige

Time to head over to Berlin in Germany to find Noblesse Oblige, well it is the weekend after all and there is some need for depth and relaxation. Back in 2004 German songwriter/producer Sebastian Lee Philipp and French actress, singer and songwriter Valerie Renay got together and it somehow only seems right that they headed […]

The New Loud

Shane Olivo (Guitar/Vocals), Radish Beat (Drums/Vocals) and Jessi Nakles (Keyboard/Vocals) make up the Milwaukee, USA based indie out-fit The New Loud, which has been around for about 6 years. Clouds of steam normally emanate from my ears when I hear from… yet… another… US Indie band, they invariably sound like a bad copy of a […]

Demi and The Boys

Thanks to Andy Carlin for writing this some time ago. Demi and the Boys from London, first started playing in December 2008 in Louis’ (the bassist) basement during band practice. The band was formed from a previous group made up of Louis Michalakis, guitarists Michael Franchetti and Joseph Sofi and Drummer Finn McDermott together with […]

The Steepwater Band | Clava

… Then it was Sunday and after a few drinks it seemed churlish to not have any more and I just didn’t get round to writing… Oh, Hi. I was just rehearsing my excuse as to why I didn’t get round to reviewing Clava by The Steepwater Band earlier than now.   Once again, The […]

Junkstar | Kicking K

It’s meant to be the middle of Summer here in the UK and of course it is raining and overcast, I just need something to cheer up my day and just landed in my inbox is the antidote. The new single from Junkstar – Kicking K. It’s been a while since I last wrote about […]


Evol emanate from Glasgow  and came in to fruition last year, 2010. A classic 4 piece rock out-fit comprising, Leona, Jon, Mic and Jo. Although Jo dropped me a note, there wasn’t a great deal of info and sometimes it is better to just write than get hung up on who does what. I will […]

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