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The Vliets

It would have been easy to pass The Vliets by, on the basis they were cashing in, but that is far from the case. The Vliets from Dallas, USA, are a band I expected to pop up via Banter-Media, but it was a member of the band who made contact, so thanks for that Ty.

Ty Bohrnstedt (piano, drums, bass, guitar, pedal steel and sitar), Daniel Gonzalez (piano, bass, glockenspiel, and sitar), Luke Ferrell (piano, trombone and flute) and Adham El-Effendi (rhythm guitar, bass and tambourine) a combination of classically and self taught musicians combine to make a sweet sound.

The Vliets

The Vliets

Pulsating laid-back rhythms flow like melted mozzarella as The Vliets take the listener on a trip around the festivals of  the ’60s. Ratchet up the volume as high as I like, I am still floating with the clouds as the guys lay back and strobe the ears. The music remains directed, gently ushering towards an unseen objective. The compositions are neatly packaged, calmly depositing the Cilia back to the vertical, before taking the Otoconia off on another mesmerizing journey as the next track lifts off. This distortion is highly addictive, so I advise some space and time to take a listen to The Vliets.

The Vliets EP by The Vliets


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