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Demi and The Boys

Thanks to Andy Carlin for writing this some time ago.

Demi and the Boys from London, first started playing in December 2008 in Louis’ (the bassist) basement during band practice. The band was formed from a previous group made up of Louis Michalakis, guitarists Michael Franchetti and Joseph Sofi and Drummer Finn McDermott together with singer Daniel Garwood who joined from a separate band. Dan was brought in to expand the sound and since he joined they band have gone from playing in their own basements to playing venues throughout South East London.

Demi and the Boys

Demi and the Boys

The name of the band was only decided on the night of their first gig when Louis’ brother suggested they use Demi and the Boys as a one night only thing, it ended up being used for the past year and a half and looks set to continue.
Musically the band draws heavily on 60’s and 70’s rock music and specifically mention Jimi Hendrix and the Kinks as having influenced their style. They have overtones of a New York band with a simple guitar style combined with clear and strong vocals and well written songs to produce a style which varies from song to song yet never strays far from its Punk pop roots.
Short songs with catchy chorus’s combined with good stage presence and interaction with the crowd mean the band are probably at their best live with great depth due to the sheer number of instruments on offer throughout the sets from guitar to keyboards to piano and more.

While not yet a chart topper the band are constantly developing their sound and are definitely worth going to see if you find yourself in South-east London.

Currently unsigned the bands music can be found on their myspace, but if they can keep up their song writing at its current pace they won’t remain confined to the internet for long.

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